Wedding details…: little things which make a wedding great

//Wedding details…: little things which make a wedding great

Wedding details…: little things which make a wedding great

By Costanza Giaconi

Well, details…

A wedding is different from another one for a mixture of “extras”, such as decorations, hints and fittings which contribute to make it unique and original… As in any other activity, it is always details which make the difference!

Actually, this is one of the peculiarities of a wedding planner: proposing special ideas to brides and grooms, following their taste, enriching the project with details, which, in the end, will play a major role in the impact on the guests…

How is a wedding project arranged??? Let’s start from a basic idea, such as the deside for a formal reception (or luxury, if you prefere, or young-style, and so on… there are so many possibilities!)…

We decide which location can be more suitable to your needs, and hence we start imagining how and where tables will be placed, the right location for the buffet, the band stand, the dancing area, the table on which the wedding cake will be placed… Actually many locations have various areas available, which can be uses as we prefere… all we need is ideas!

At this stage we can choose a theme which properly represents the bride and the groom: a colour, a town, a flower, a scent… all is acceptable, providing you like it! We follow the theme chosen and start selecting and proposing the main decorations, such as flowers, mirrors, lanterns and candles, pots and so forth.

Gradually all tables, chairs, room and gardens are decorated.

We also can arrange invitations, placeholders, the tableau, the wedding cake and any other aspect, always following the same theme, so that any detail of your wedding finds its armony…

What is the result? Sarisfaction guaranteed… especially if your wedding is arranged in Florence! Take our workd as wedding planners!


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